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   Value Added Services

Value Addition Across Value Chain
Tegra tenders to its clients, with this service offering, a value addition with tremendous potential.

Consider this scenario; an initiative is dispatched from start to finish without any encumbrance with regard to Concept, Content, Design or Technology. That would certainly be a one in a million proposition.
Tegra promises to make this a reality.

Tegra will coordinate the project strategy, your core functions and provide support across your value chain. Our strong technical background, experienced personnel and efficient ADP in addition to a 24x7 working environment guarantees cost effectiveness. Our services embrace all specialties under the premedia banner. Illustrations, colour correction, retouching, image manipulation, photography, Web services, editorial services, cross-media solutions. you name it, we can do it for you!

Database Publishing
Need to streamline volumes of data for publishing? Welcome to the world of database publishing. The key player is XML. Tegra can tag and make your information alive and active for publication.

To add value across your value chain, contact Tegra - The Publisher's Trusted Partner.

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              Create         |          Integrate          |          Communicate

  In supporting a project from start to finish, ideas need to be represented, integrated and culminated seamlessly into deliverables. At Tegra, we adopt as consistent three-step process to execute any project >> Create >>  Integrate >> Communicate >>