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Tegra, a trusted name in the world of Premedia, partners with its clients to create outstanding visual communication experiences. Its print domain expertise, new-media skill set and technical brilliance pave the company's course to the top. Periodical research and training to keep abreast of technical advancements ensures inclusion and utilisation of the contemporary innovations that in turn dictate the company's growth. Some of our established and long standing clients are Reader's Digest, ITP Business Publishing, Geddes & Grosset, D.C. Thompson, Saraband, Alchemy Contract Publishing, Trojan Projects, and Succès-du-Livre. Since trust forms the basis of renewed service requirements, Tegra's longstanding relationship with various global clients stands testimony to the quality and confidentiality of services rendered.

Tegra's success graph upholds its reputation as a vibrant company that holds its skilled people resources as one of its foremost assets. Tegra’s approach of partnering with the clients and offering customised services spanning the entire board of premedia services has emerged as a winner. Commitment and loyalty are the two core values that underline our relationship with our clients.


Tegra Premedia is the first international affiliate member of APA
(Association of Publishing Agencies), United Kingdom.

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