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As a comprehensive provider of prepress and premedia services, Tegra significantly leverages the proven global delivery model to provide world-class services to our clients, who are predominantly leading publishing houses and media agencies spread across the continents.

Our service offerings are fortified by our extensive domain knowledge, strong technical know-how, well defined project management and efficient workflows that adhere to industry standard best practices. We use time tested processes and tools to ensure high quality visual communication experiences, which are integrated using world class project management and workflow management to guarantee on-time project completion and delivery.

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Tegra conducts stringent quality checks on the creative content and following approval, it is digitised and integrated to form a functional and aesthetic layout in the chosen form of communication - conventional media or new media in accordance to the client's brief. Options extend from the regular CMYK printing to new media like the Web, eBooks, Multimedia, mobile phones etc. Text and graphics, being the primary content for all media, is adapted according to the media requirements and specifications.