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Offices in India & UK
Tegra boasts of a state-of-the-art development centre in India and a global business development office in London to ensure consistent liaison with our international clients.

Internet Connectivity
Tegra is connected to the Internet highway with secure and robust servers stationed at the TATA Communications Data Centre that has efficient routing systems that are operational 24X7 and have multiple and alternative pathways across the globe, including the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Dell Poweredge servers on a Gigabit Ethernet connection provide optimum performance to peripheral devices such as high-end drum scanners, flat-bed scanners, colour proofers etc.

Mac and PC Platforms
Our fully equipped development centre in India has both Wintel® and Mac® platforms with Eizo® colour calibrated monitors that supports colour critical applications.

Photography Studio
Tegra also has a sophisticated digital photography studio used primarily for product shoots and other still life photography.

High-end Scanners
Tegra is equipped with high-end scanners that guarantee precision reproduction of images and content.