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   Digital Imaging Services
  Image Cut-Outs & Masking
Extracting the main subject out of a distracting background is a science in itself which Tegra excels at, using masking and cut-outs.

Colour Correction
High quality colour is paramount to any and every project. Tegra has a slew of methods and processes in place to give you that cutting-edge colour across platforms and media.

Cleaning images to remove unwanted elements like dust and scratches is a tedious task which is best done at Tegra.

Collage Work
Tegra’s creative team can morph and bring together various elements of illustrations and design to give you highly creative covers and layout designs.

High-end Drum and Flatbed Scanning
High quality digitising using both conventional and unconventional methods of scanning can be done at Tegra.

Batch Raw Image Processing
RAW to TIF conversion based on set algorithms and settings can be done very quickly at Tegra.

Batch Format - Conversions
Quark-to-InDesign or Print-to-Web and New Media Conversions done at Tegra are accurate and seamless.

PDF Generation and Archiving
PDF generation to existing prepress (PDF-X1) and archiving (PDF-a) standards are streamlined and automated.

Read our whitepapers to understand how Tegra can offer all the services under a single business model.

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  In supporting a project from start to finish, ideas need to be represented, integrated and culminated seamlessly into deliverables. At Tegra, we adopt as consistent three-step process to execute any project >> Create >>  Integrate >> Communicate >>