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  Corporate Philosophy



Tegra’s Vision
To become a global leader in the prepress and premedia services market and to partner with organisations and be the driving force of their achievement of market leader status in their respective industries.

Tegra’s Mission
Provide unparalleled visual communications solutions by effectively leveraging technology, domain expertise and thought leadership whilst safeguarding the interests of our customers, vendors, partners and most certainly, our employees.

  Tegra’s Core Values

Transparency – We believe in ensuring transparent and honest communication with all our stakeholders, be it customers, partners or employees.

Experience – Our work culture draws strength from the years of experience in the constantly evolving domain of visual communication.

Growth – Growth is our passion; whether it concerns our own business, our customer’s business, or our employees’ careers, we are growth savvy without bias or preference.

Reliability – Our clients, vendors and employees can count on us, under any circumstance, to display consistency in thought, execution and transaction.

Allegiance – We pledge loyalty to all our associates and work towards creating abiding liaisons and enduring relationships, especially with our clients and employees.

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