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Co-Operative Premedia Partnering

Co-Operative Premedia Partnering – New Paradigm in Publishing

Co-Operative Premedia Partnering is an effective corporate initiative combining the in-house creative skills of the publisher and the expertise of the external partner in matters encompassing the whole gamut of premedia solutions.
Let us disprove some of the myths surrounding Co-Operative Premedia Partnering and explore the lucrative prospects on offer.

What is it?
What exactly is Co-Operative Premedia Partnering?
Is it different from prepress outsourcing?
Is it just old wine in a new bottle?
What is more important- cutting expenses or enhancing business value proposition?
As physical books are losing their demand, should all conventional publishers shut down shop?

This is one magic phrase which will transform your publishing business.

What exactly is Co-Operative Premedia Partnering?
Is it different from prepress outsourcing?
Or is it just old wine in a new bottle?
Typically, you would like to transfer your non-core and laborious premedia activities to an experienced external service provider. The activity could range from simple projects like cut-outs, image correction, retouching, colour correction or page layout and design to more complicated projects like design and creation of an entire book.
How does this benefit you?
Is it a cost saving venture?
Does transferring some of the activities to an outside agency save time and resources?
Publishers today face a multitude of challenges. While it is widely accepted that the digital age brings to table a multitude of cutting edge opportunities, it should not be forgotten that competition is strong with computers ruling the roost and innovative methods have to be employed to sustain book reading habits. Readers who encounter run-of-the-mill products are likely to shift to the many digital viewing options available.
Does this mean that physical books are no longer in demand? And should all conventional publishers shut down shop?
It certainly is not the end; not unless there is a dearth of exciting products being introduced. Imagine the scenario where you could combine the innovative skills of your in-house team and the expertise of a trustworthy and reliable co-operative premedia partner. The external premedia partner would be able to add value to your concept or idea, carry out the desk research, develop the content, provide the illustrations duly colour corrected, package the product and deliver print ready files. It would result in an efficient work model.

What is more important? - Cutting Expenses or Enhancing Business Value Proposition?

Myths about Co-Operative Premedia Partnering

Money saved is money earned
Outsourcing of some jobs does cut expenses and there is some savings with regards to production costs. However since the external agency is only following your instructions, there is no value addition in terms of ideation, content acquisition, content development and design.

Low price results in profitability
It is a competitive market place. Every second service provider promises low priced service. But there are only few who deliver. These partners are transparent, committed, offer tailor-made services, respond on time and innovate to save money for you. Hence it is not the price, but the service provider’s ability to offer the perfect solution that brings in profitability.

It’s all about outsourcing low-end transactional activities
It is a good idea only as long as the vision is to save money for the near future. But if you are looking for more, it is wise to let the partner play a significant role in the entire value chain. If it is a mere cut-out or retouching job there are hundreds of players who can do it for you. Their price does not vary much, neither the quality. If value addition is what you are looking from a partner, then deploy them for core functions.

The ideas have to originate from the publisher
This is one myth that acts as a massive barrier. A good partner not only delivers what is expected but also furnishes more than what is expected. You will be apprised of the current market trends. You will be educated by the partner about the best technology to deploy for a specific need. The partner will always provide you a mix and match of options to fit into varying budgets. All you have to do is decide the idea that works best for you and market it. Engaging the partner for marketing efforts as well is another reliable option.

My employees feel insecure
This is a totally unfounded thought. Partners add value and strengthen your team’s performance. Make your employees feel important by letting them take ownership of the entire engagement and making them accountable for results. Trust us! Allow your internal experts to work closely with partner’s teams. Let them make the decisions. You will see the results.

In a nutshell, a Co-Operative Premedia Partner will be an extension of your thoughts, facilitate the implementation of your ideas, act like you and deliver like you. The only difference will be – a better end product at competitive price, superior quality and in lesser time.

This is what makes Co-Operative Premedia Partnering such a good idea.

Foot Note
Tegra is a comprehensive premedia partner with proficient skills and the experience to deliver ready-to-print digital files. At Tegra, we work 365x24x7 and all the resources are fully utilised resulting in lower costs. Hence time is better utilised for conceptualisation and it would mean more products per resource.
In addition, Tegra is continuously learning by serving clients from different geographical
regions and enhancing our teams’ knowledge bank on various international formats and the latest trends.