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Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) Model

Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) Model – 24x 7 Low Cost – High Quality Premedia Production

Under pressing circumstances of market downturn, providing world-class graphic art at reduced costs is the major challenge faced by publishers all over the world. Study the ODC Model and assess the multitude of advantages it provides in addition to the paramount advantage of cost reduction it ensures.

The graphic art industry today faces a multitude of challenges. These include rising costs, competition, reduced time to market and the compulsion to ensure quality consistence in the aforementioned circumstances. While on one hand the manpower and infrastructure costs continue to rise, the competitor’s ability to produce high quality products at lower production costs is one of the main requisites of several graphic arts companies. Outsourcing of premedia activities is a trend which has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years. The number of companies outsourcing premedia activities to experienced service providers has grown manifold over recent times and is expected to continue growing over the coming years. Companies are increasingly zeroing in on experienced providers at offshore locations for this purpose. While lowered cost of production is the key reason behind this trend, other benefits such as access to best of class talent, high quality deliverables and time zone advantages also supplement this development.
Companies have started looking at stationing their own premedia teams at offshore locations as one of the most strategically viable options. While it is true that offshoring does offer several advantages, the leading advantage of retaining the control factor has driven companies to adopt this strategy. We call this the Offshore Delivery Centre Model or ODC model.

What is ODC Model?
Under the ODC model, you will hire a dedicated development team from your vendor’s company. This team will act as an extension of your in-house premedia team. This team will comprise of prepress experts, visual designers, colour specialists, layout and design experts, graphic artists and quality assurance engineers. The whole team will be under the supervision of a coordinator who will be the primary source of contact. The coordinator will ensure periodical communication of the status and progress of the assignments. The development team will be stationed at the campus of the vendor. This model not only gives you an advantage of leveraging off your vendor’s infrastructure, but also offers you a premedia team that is functional during your OFF-hours.

Key Advantages of this Model

Cost effective resource pool
The ODC model will offer you substantial resource cost benefits. Under this model, you will have access to cost effective resources and best of class personnel talent.
Dedicated team
You will have a dedicated team working under your supervision and during your OFF-hours.
Flexibility of team size and composition
You will have the flexibility of determining the size and composition of the ODC team.
Ramp up/down
You will have the flexibility to ramp up / ramp down the size of the team to suit your business requirements.
24x7 working team
You will have an added advantage of a 24x7 working ODC team. This kind of a set-up makes the best of the interaction between your team and the ODC team that is placed at a different geographical location.
Infrastructural Resources
The ODC team will be stationed at the vendor’s campus. All Infrastructural requirements such as work stations, standard hardware/software and network connectivity will be provided by the vendor.
Selection of the team
You will have the option of specifying the skill set / qualifications / experience of the team members. With the growing role of digital and telecom technologies, you will be able to seamlessly interview and select candidates for your needs.
Training sessions
The vendor will take the responsibility of training the ODC team. In case you wish to impart training on a specific tool or technology, you will still have the option of doing so.

Other Advantages of the ODC Model

  • Flexibility to determine team size and composition.
  • Flexibility to ramp up / down as per business needs.
  • Negotiate and choose appropriate skills to meet your requirements.
  • Complete devotion to your business objectives.
  • Full control over the run, capability to manage it dynamically.
  • Seamless communication with any team member.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.

Strategy and cost-cutting are the two stalwart approaches that will help a company tide over the slump in the market. The ODC Model offered by Tegra combines both these business tactics to emerge as a sure-fire solution for global publishers and print companies.
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About Tegra
Tegra specialises in providing comprehensive offshore premedia services. With a state-of-the-art development centre in India and experienced human resources, Tegra is the perfect choice for setting up your extended premedia arm using the ODC Model. In addition, Tegra effectively banks upon its experience of having worked with global publishers to provide you best of breed premedia services.