History and Evolution of UK’s Most Read Comic Book

About the Client


Our client is a famous publisher of world renowned comic books, magazines and newspapers in Scotland. The estimated number of magazines, newspapers and comics published by them is close to 200 million each year. The client also publishes digital versions of the magazines and newspapers to cater to global reader base.

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Client Requirements


The client intended to print a coffee table book showcasing the history of a comic book and was looking for a suitable partner to offer prepress services. The editorial was spearheaded by an expert on the comic series based in Scotland. The partner was expected to conceptualise and design the coffee table book. All the images and text were supplied by the client in digital format.



Tegra Services


Tegra was chosen as the prepress partner for this project. To achieve the specified goals a dedicated team of professionals was deployed. The following were the services offered by Tegra:

  • Vector – Some of the images were converted to vector format that ensured better clarity and definition.
  • Indexing – The client supplied ad hoc information which was filtered, sorted and indexed appropriately.
  • Layout – Complete layout and concept was developed by the design team at Tegra using InDesign software.
  • Fonts – Body text font had to be altered and few other fonts were also purchased to better- the look and feel of the comic book.
  • Scanning and Image Corrections – Images of old comics were scanned, retouched and engineered to give them the archaic look and many missing parts of the old comic pages were reconstructed.
  • Colour Corrections – All the images were colour corrected to ensure a balanced visual effect.
  • Text Corrections – Acrobat PDF’s were used as the intermediary format throughout for marking up changes and comments.
  • File Conversion – All the files were converted to PDF and supplied as final print ready files to the publisher in Scotland.
  • FTP Server - A high-end FTP server was used for exchanging intermediary data and final delivery.





Key Highlights

  • The 24x7 support by Tegra was much appreciated by the publisher
  • The biggest challenge was the year wise indexing of the comic book. Tegra had to filter and collate reams of data to generate a suitable summary
  • The complete 352 pages coffee table book was delivered to the client within a remarkably short period of just 4 weeks
  • Tegra’s well defined communication plan ensured that the client was apprised of the project status on a periodical basis


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