Coffee Table Book On Gardening

About the Client


Our client is a leading publisher of condensed books in Canada. The firm has the credit of being the first publishing concern to deploy direct marketing. Our client significantly leverages the brand name built over years coupled with trustworthy content and quality information database. The client has built in defined processes to disseminate authentic information in print, web and multimedia formats.

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Client Requirements


The client was looking for a suitable partner to offer creative and fine art services for publishing a book on gardening. The partner was expected to research the subject and get visual representations of the various plant families. Upon the approval of the visual representations, Tegra was expected to render fine art of the same for the editorial’s review. Upon approval of the samples, Tegra was expected to make them print ready. The book was intended to serve as a guide to gardening in a specific geographical region.



Tegra Services


Tegra was chosen as the premedia partner for this assignment. In order to accomplish the said objectives, Tegra engaged a dedicated team to carry out image research. The image research involved providing samples for 1000 plant families, the names of which were provided by the subject expert commissioned by the client. Tegra collated information from multiple resources such as web, stock, university experts and other reference material. Around 25 representative visual samples for each plant family were provided for the client’s perusal and approval. The client wanted the approved representations to be recreated in fine art illustrations, wherein the specifications were a mix and match of the various samples provided. The final illustration had to take into account more than one visual sample and was an integration of various angles and close ups of the sample subject. Tegra engaged the in-house fine art department to recreate the images. The images were created as per the specifications provided by the client and a certain style that was preconceived for the project. The hard copies of the images were scanned, digitised and converted to print ready CMYK format.



Key Highlights


Cost Savings – The client was able to witness significant cost advantages on account of offshore production. The cost benefits have been estimated at 30% compared to onsite production.
On-time Delivery – Tegra’s technical expertise and ability to work with aggressive deadlines ensured that the delivery of the print ready files was on-time. This in turn translated to the release of the book as per the planned schedule.
Extension of in house Premedia Team – Tegra’s team acted as an extended premedia arm for the client. The project status was reported to the client on a periodical basis which ensured that the client had no late surprises. In addition the standards and guidelines specified by the client were stringently adhered to.
Turnaround Time – A dedicated team was engaged to execute this project. A well defined project plan and execution plan enabled lower turnaround time. The turnaround time has been estimated to be 20% less compared to in-house production.


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